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We are in lockdown! Bosses have been locked up and now it's time for the fundraising drive! Click on the button to the right to pay some bail and donate!


The entire event is virtual, online and across social media, to ensure participation requires no more than a few phone calls, a couple of emails and a lot of laughter!


Every dollar raised is sent directly to Lifeline Canberra's Crisis Support services for investment in your community. There is no limit to how much you can raise either.  The top 15 fundraisers will receive an invitation to a VIP lunch at the end of the event. With the top fundraiser to recieve a workplace mental health trianing package from Lifeline Canberra.


The possibilities are limited only by your imagination so get creative, go over the top and let everyone know that you stand for something!


Even if you're not a boss you can still participate! The same rules apply. You can sign up if you're a coach, mentor, teacher, co-worker, mum or dad etc! 


Simply click on the 'Nominate your Boss' to create their profile and get the ball rolling!

Raised so Far

Nominations are now open for Lock Up Your Boss 2019!


Fundraising will continue until the 7th of June 2019 - click the 'Pay Some Bail Money' to the right to donate!


This event is a great way to engage your organisation in a meaningful way, to raise vital funds for crisis support and suicide prevention in your community, and to promote the great work of your own organisation.  


There will also be opportunities to create awareness around mental health, to upskill yourself and your team, and to learn more about what Lifeline Canberra does in your community.  

Get creative, have fun in your workplace and on social media, and watch the fundometer to see the collective achievement of your peers. 


Thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated.

Top Fundraisers
Top Fundraisers